What’s this Blog about?

Hi – I’m Jeremy (or Jez to my friends and family), and this is my blog….

In 2019 I qualified to represent Great Britain in Triathlon as part of the GB Age Group Team. Like pretty much everything else, Triathlon events did not happen in 2020. Things are looking much more promising in 2021, and I’m hopeful to be able finally represent my country at the World Championships in Edmonton Canada, and the European Championships in Valencia, Spain. These events are subject to the ongoing constraints that COVID-19 continues to impose on the world.

I’m a pretty modest person and didn’t think too much of my qualification. For me it was simply the achievement of a target I’d set myself as I approached a major birthday, and it was another step in my journey to become a healthier and happier being. My wife, family and employers took a different view. They saw it as a great achievement, and they wanted to share my story on my behalf – I’m not one for ‘blowing my own trumpet’.

My employers are a well respected insurer in the UK, and they are a brilliant company to work for. When my managers heard the news they were extremely supportive, and they asked if I would write a regular blog. They wanted me to share my experiences and to draw comparisons between my sporting endeavours and the role I perform as a Project Manager in the Group Change function. I was more than happy to do this as I enjoy the process of writing, but I honestly didn’t think that any of my colleagues would be the slightest bit interested. I was wrong, and they have been reading and commenting on it.

Even more surprising was the reaction of my long suffering wife, Lindsey. Triathlon is not her thing, and when I showed her the Blog I wasn’t expecting much of a response. After going away to read it, she came back telling me that I should share it wider, and that she would share it too. So, with the agreement of my employers, here’s my Blog and this is my triathlon journey in 2021 and beyond. I hope you like it, and please feel free to share it, comment on it or get in touch.

Jeremy, Pershore – Feb 2021